Friday, July 25, 2008

Sneak Peek!!

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JustJohanna's Odd Bird Planet has some new releases coming out soon! And here's a sneaky peek of 3 new owls!
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Not too long ago, Johanna had 'Owl Week' over on the OBP SCS Forum.

One of the challenges was to submit some ideas/sketches for owls and these were my ideas! Johanna worked her magic and these little guys are now rubberized! Woo Hoooooo!


Janice M said...

Way to go Jen!!

Mandy said...

Love them! The little cupcake guy is super-cute. ;)

Linsey R said...

OH gosh, that is TOO COOL! You are on a roll, chica! These are totally darling and I want them all! Why don't you just start illustrating your very own line--you are THAT talented and I would buy them! Congrats on yet another success! :) hugs!