Monday, April 14, 2008

Ribbon Ring and Ribbon Shoes

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See that yummy ribbon hanging from my lamp? It's all on my Ribbon Ring! I recently won a Ribbon Ring from Sarah over at 2 Paws Design. Thank you SO MUCH Sarah!

The ribbon is on these little cards:

I just love having this ribbon out where I can see it. This is by no means all my ribbon. But I had some small spools of ribbon that I just seem to forget about so this gets it out so I remember it. And, I think it's a great decoration!

Be sure to go check out Ribbon Ring!! I just love the picture on the home page of those rings of yummy ribbon!

AND...Ribbon Shoes!
Found these at Target today for $14.97!


Alison H said...

Those are the cutest shoes! Great stamping spot.

Carolina said...

These are just darlin'!!! Not sure I'd dare wear them - knowing me, I'd get them dirty within ten minutes of putting them on. But anyway, just too cute!

Kira said...

The ring is cool. Not cat friendly, however. I made a faux Pull-EZ for my ribbon for that reason. My cat will decide it is for her and chew it if it is dangling. And the shoes are so cool! I wish we had a target. :(

Mandy said...

love the ribbon ring and shoes! just recently saw something on making a pair!

Heather said...

Love the ribbon shoes! I want your ribbon holder and I see a pencil cup on your desk that looks a lot like the one that I have (it doesn't matter but I just had to say it!)

Juanita B said...

Darling shoes!! TFS.

Sarah Coggins said...

Looks great! And the ribbon shoes are adorable. :)