Sunday, February 3, 2008


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...what should I call Blog 'Candy' for my Blog?

I've been picking up things here and there so I can have a drawing soon.

I've been blessed recently with winning some amazing blog giveaways and want to pass along some goodies to one of you.
I'll get a drawing posted this week.

If you have any thoughts on what I can call my 'Candy'...I love to hear it!
Happy Stamping!

ETA: Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your suggestions....keep 'em comin'!


Tami said...

You could do a play on your name- "Taylor-Made Goodies" or Taylor's Tasty Treats or Jewels from Jen. that's all I can think of now- but I'll think of more later!

jamie said...

Taylor Mailer? Ok, that's really dumb, sorry.

jamie said...

Jen's Friends? Ok, dumb again.

jamie said...

Jen's Gems, I think I'm getting better.

jamie, again said...

whatever you call it, i can't wait to see a picture of your goodies!

mebutterfly17 said...

All the suggestions are great! Gracie and I like Jewels from Jen or Jen's Gems the best! Sounds sparkly and fun!

jamie says to mandy said...

come on mandy, you didn't like tailor mailer?! saying that makes me laugh. i guess this isn't supposed to be a comedic website....hee, hee.

Pat said...

Taylor Treats
Taylor~Made Treats
Taylor Treasures
Taylor~Made Treasures


Juanita B said...

How about Jen's Joy. It's fun to give things away and it brings so much joy. I too like Jen's Gems.

Kathy H said...

How about

JenMaries Jems
Golden Goodies
Jems by Jen
Taylor made confections
Taylor made treats
Taylor made sweet treats
I hope this is helpful. Thanks, Kathy H...