Friday, February 29, 2008

Amazing Sharpie Deal!

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Here's a GREAT deal on a pack of Sharpies from Office Max.
Just $2! Good through 3/1/08.

You'll need to print this coupon from Money Saving Mom.

ETA: Just got back from getting my Sharpies! It's a 12 pack for $2! Regular price, $21.99!
And ~ you can get 2 pack for $2 each with the one coupon!!!

And don't forget this Michael's coupon good through 3/1/08.


Juanita B said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. Like stamps you can never have too many Sharpies. TFS.

Lesli said...

Wow - TFS - I'm always looking for a deal!

jamie from illinois said...

oh i hope mandy gets me some today! do you know how to right click the markers to post a picture on your blog? that would look so cool!

jamie from illinois said...

office depot took the coupons for mandy and i. office max was out. they said they had 40 just a couple days ago! mandy actually got the two for both of us. that was super nice of her as it sounds like it was a bit awkward, they were a little taken back by how cheap they had to sell them for!

Anonymous said...

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