Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Be sure to...

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...check in tomorrow!

It's time for a Limelight Papercrafts sketch & product challenge!!

...think fuzz and fluff!

There are couple of Limelight promos going on:

With each and every order (regardless of amount) through Easter Sunday, Limelight will be sending out a plastic Easter egg filled with goodies!
They could be filled with ribbon, stickers, Cat’s Eye ink pads, small stamps, buttons, Dew Drops, Shimmerz, and more!
A few will have some “big prizes” written on slips of paper!
There will be no rhyme or reason to which egg goes in an order.
We’ll keep it as random as humanly possible!

~ ~ ~ AND ~ ~ ~
Are YOU signed up for the Limelight Papercrafts email newsletter??
If so, then you got a CODE for 15% off!

Need the code....

it DID say I could share with family and friends... ;)

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